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Erick Valdez's 1995 Ford Mustang 3.8L V6 Supercharged
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Check out Erick Valdez's mustang featured in Mustang Enthusiast and 5.0, the popular magazines!

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Welcome to

This web site is dedicated to the full history of my 1995 Ford Mustang. It has come a long way since the day that I purchased it in 1999. I have worked hard and installed all that I could on my own or with the help of some friends.

Hey everyone, my name is Erick Valdez and I am the owner of www.AutoBadges.comm . I have always been interested in Mustangs, but in 1999 I decided to go out and purchase one of my own. This website is dedicated to the full history of my 1995 V6 Ford Mustang. It has come a very long way since the day that I purchased it in 1999. I have worked hard and installed all that I could on my own or with the help of some friends.

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As Featured In Mustang Enthusiast, 5.0 Magazine, and Mega Tuning

Mustang Enthusiast - January 2004

Mustang Enthusiast
January 2004

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Mustang Enthusiast Magazine - February 2004

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5.0 Mustang and Super Fords - December 2006

5.0 Mustang and
Super Fords

December 2006

5.0 Showcase Feature

Courtesy of Editorial Director Colin Date: Legendary Ford Magazine

LATEST UPDATES: I am slowly putting back the interior with new fiberglass and custom airbrushed parts including; dashboard, center console, shifter bezel, radio bezel, steering panel, door bezels, and much more!

CLICK HERE FOR UPDATE (updated November, 2012)

New Stereo pictures added

New Engine pictures added

How I Chose My Mustang:
I first had my eyes set on getting a 1991 5.0 Mustang. I really wanted to get a convertible, and cruise around town having a nice mustang to show off, but obviously plans changed for the best! Although many people may look at a V6 and turn the other cheek, I saw much more potential in fixing up a V6, than a V8 Mustang. I was looking around for a mustang, when I found a deal in the Recycler Classifieds. I went to take a look at this mustang and fell in love with it. That same day I took it home, bone stock, to show it off to everyone. Just being able to be a part of the Mustang family gave me a great feeling of honor, but I had to beef up my "6 banger" just a bit more to keep up with the big V8 guys.

How I Transformed My Mustang:
I have now owned my mustang for a bit over 6 years and it has been my project building the engine, fixing the exterior, getting sponsors, and through each step of the way their have been heartaches and headaches, but I wouldn't change any minute of it for the world. From each step you learn, it is always a learning process when you own a Ford Mustang, V6 or V8.

When I first purchased my Mustang in 1999, I really did not have an idea as to how I could modify it and just loved it the way it was a 1995 FORD MUSTANG. I was then very curious as to how I could fix up my mustang to look just a bit better than stock. Although I told the people around me, "All I want is 5 modifications for my car and I will be done," we have all come to realize that is now FAR from the truth. Little by little I started researching the capabilities of the Ford Mustang. I started visiting online messageboards asking technical questions and learning on my year mustang. Such websites as,, and have been websites that I have greatly benefited from and that I can only truly thank. It is thanks to those websites that I gained all the knowledge of my Mustang and was able to transform it to what it is today, a street ripping supercharged V6 mustang.

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