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Erick Valdez's 1995 Ford Mustang 3.8L V6 Supercharged
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Our goal is to be the only company out there allowing you the ability to have an instrument cluster customized to your taste, unique to your car or truck. We offer a few dash and ac sets unlike anything you've ever seen, sunsets...just to mention a few.

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The Stereo section is dedicated to showcasing the Stereo-related modifications that have been done to my 1995 Ford Mustang.

· Alpine IVA-D310 DvD/Cd/Mp3 InDash Unit
· 2 - 10" Kicker L7 Solo Barics
· 2 - 5x7" Infiniti Kappa's
· 2 - 5x7" Pioneers
· 2 - Infiniti Kappa Tweeters
· Hifonics Brutus 1600x1 Amplifier
· Hifonics Zeus 640x4 Amplifier
· Optima Yellow Top Battery
· 4 Guage Monster Cable Wiring
· 1 Farad RF Capacitor

I went out and purchased 2 - 12" RF XLC Subwoofers and put them in bass tubes in the trunk powered by a RF 800a2 punch amplifier. I added some Infiniti Kappa tweeters with 5x8" speakers in the door panels and rear decklid to match, powered by a RF 200a4 Punch Amplifier and RF 1 farad capacitor. This obviously put my battery to work and eventually drained it out, so in came the Optima Yellow Top battery. Eventually the RF XLC's could take no more beating that I was giving them and gave way for my new pair of 10" Kicker K7 Solo Barics. I got these subwoofers when they were new on the market and have loved them ever since. They take a beating and keep on pounding!

For a more professional touch on my sound system, I took it over to Al and Eds in Glendale, CA to install all the proper wiring and fusing for my pounding sound system. They rewired my entire stereo while installing the Alpine 7893 Head Unit that has more features than I could have asked for! If anyone were to ask me what type of head unit to get, Alpine would be the first on my list. I got my car back with Monster wiring and 4 guage wiring throughout the car, balanced with my highs and my bass, I was very pleased. I wasn't too pleased as to how my trunk looked with a mere box in the middle of it and decided to do something about it.

My step-father Carl Porter assisted me in making what we like to call "Project Trunk." We used masonite particle board, shaped it accordingly and were lucky enough to find the perfect color carpeting to match. After placing the boards and carpeting, we proceeded to insert tubes for a more aggressive look, finished up the process with grills on the speakers and carpeting under the decklid as well for a cleaner look. More recently I have added the Alpine IVA-D310 All-In-One headunit and a playstation 2 in the glovebox.
Custom Trunk Mat with 7" Monitors:






Custom Trunk Wall Build:

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